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We mean business

Founded in 1991, Enzosystems actually was one of the first companies offering self-service terminals.

Since then we’ve constantly developed and extended our range of interactive check-in solutions, resulting in more than 4000 installations up to now. Being aesthetically appealing, easy to use and robust at the same time, our products can be found in hotels, public transport, shops, events and parking lots all over the world.

With more than 25 years of experience we still strive to be better, because innovation never stops. Every product we make has to make sense and serve the purpose it is intended for. That means we always exchange thoughts and work with you, not just for you.

Enzosystems B.V.

It's about people

Good products start with good people.

Thus, we have specialists in 3D product design transforming ideas into products, software developers that use their keyboards to create magic, UX designers translating complicated and ugly flow charts into simple and beautiful user interfaces, electronic engineers connecting just the right wires to the right connectors and very friendly people doing the installations around the world, not leaving until everything works correctly.

Erik de Vries

Managing Director/Owner

Owner and driving force of Enzosystems, entrepreneur, Bachelor of Arts, Master’s degree in Industrial Design, Jack of all trades.

Frank Schouenberg

Production/ Service

Executive manager, production specialist, computer and IT adept, enthusiastic, brutally honest…

Derk Simon Esselink

Product Designer

Senior design engineer, eye for detail, hardware integrator.