GO kiosk

A Hotel front desk... Outside

The best hospitality outside your front door

“The all in one outdoor hotel check-in solution for fast check-in”

Always keep your front door open and secure

Outdoor room key pick up to allow access to registered guests, without the need for a staff member to open the front door at night.

Simple user interface

“Accept walk-in reservations and the complete check-in process in seconds”

Outdoor hotel kiosk features

Print vouchers and receipts

Dispense room keys

Secure payments

Scan barcodes

Walk-in Support

Pre-Check-In web app compatible

Robust design to stand nature

Aluminum and stainless steel housing to withstand all weather conditions.

Connectivity & Support


A Go-Kiosk can be your doorman at night time so it must be placed close to an entrance. This can be the front door to the lobby or an entrance from the parking area

No, the complete system is compliant to all recent GDPR rules. No private information from guests is stored in places where it should not be.

A simple price tag does not work for a systems like this because it depends on too many variables. Our goal is to tailor each offer to get the best integration possible.

Eventually, if integrated correctly, it will save you money.

A power socket and a working network connection. This network connection is needed for the  systems to ‘talk’ to your PMS, door lock system and payment system.

Yes, the kiosk will know this and will show the guests’ folio accordingly.

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