Made with love

Many shapes and sizes.

We love to help shape your ideas. For every need or problem, there is a solution. We provide the interface or use the one you already have. It’s possible to integrate a wide range of options into our kiosks. And you don’t have to change your back office. Our kiosks have many shapes and sizes, but share one main ingredient: quality.

Focus: user experience & interaction.

We love our kiosks! In fact, we think they are a bit sexy, don’t you? We aim for an outstanding design that makes our customers proud and your customers happy. Therefore we focus on user experience and interaction. In our opinion, a good interface facilitates ease of use, without drawing any attention to it.

Re-define hospitality:

The new Front-desk

The Enzosystems hospitality kiosk handles the complete check-in and check-out process. It hands out room keys and takes care of payment when guests check out. It can also help walk-in’s looking for available rooms. The receptionists at the hotels using our kiosk solution have become host(ess); free to help guests wherever they are needed. Guests don’t have to wait in line anymore. This kiosk handles hundreds of check-ins a day, 24/7, without any delay.

Ticket Vending Machines.

Our most colorful machine to date. For Dutch public transport we have developed an outdoor ticket vending machine. Together with our partner CCV we are installing these terminals throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Users can buy an OV ticket from this machine or top-up their e-wallet balance. Public transport companies that use this machine are: Arriva, Connexxion, Qbuzz, RET, Syntus and EBS  

The yellow outdoor kiosk: Public transport chip card reloaded.

The AVM Outdoor machine has been developed for Dutch public transport, just like the little yellow kiosk you can find in stores like Primera and Bruna. Both vending machines have been developed in close cooperation with CCV, Dutch market leader in payment solutions. This weather resistant version is located at train, tram and bus stations throughout the Netherlands. Travellers can easily upload their travel items onto the OV chip card or adjust their e-wallet balance.

Image of Enzosystems low maintenance kiosk solutions

Attention to detail.

You shouldn’t be burdened with complicated maintenance tasks. Therefore our kiosks are service friendly. Which means: it’s easy to change printer paper or change parts. It’s waterproof and low in maintenance. Remote access or administration is built in. We efficiently help you from a distance.

Made by Enzosystems.

We believe in what we do. That’s why we proudly put our name on our products. Your kiosk is designed, engineered and produced by our team of professionals. You’ll get the utmost quality, and that’s guaranteed.


Image of Kiosk payment with contactless chip cards, barcode tickets, tokens

Let’s talk about options: contactless chip cards, barcode tickets, tokens and passport scanners…

We support almost any peripheral device in our kiosks. You can print, scan, read and write to (contactless) chip cards, dispense tokens and cards. Barcodes tickets with 1D or 2D codes, like QR, are also possible. Where needed we add security measures to combat fraud.

Payment options.

Our self-service kiosks support both cash and cashless payments, indoor and outdoor. Depending on the type of application and the environment in which the kiosk is installed, several payment methods can be offered. In general, cashless systems are less prone to be a target of vandalism and don’t need regular emptying of the cash boxes. Both debit cards, like Maestro en V-Pay, and credit cards, like MasterCard, Visa, American Express and more, can be accepted. In case cash payment is required, coins and bank notes can also be handled.

Image of Kiosk payment handling cash & cashless