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Online check-in for hotels

“Enzosystem’s hotel online check-in software enriches guests experience, boost up-sells and improves brand visibility”

Allow your guest to take control of their reservation

Let them fill their information, make changes, add extras and pay before schedule date. When the guests arrive at the hotel, they only need to scan the QR code to automatically pick up the room key using the Key Dispenser Kiosk.

Naturally simple interface

Hotel fast check-in features

Accept payments

Boost up sales

Secure and encrypted

Email notifications

Brand visibility

Generate codes

Online check-in hotel solution for all platforms

Which means, it works on desktop, tablet and mobile without the need to download any app

Connectivity & Support


To integrate the online check-in hotel solution, the Hotel needs to have the following: 

  1. An operational property management system (PMS). 
  2. A card dispenser unit that I can encode door keys and scan QR codes.


To deliver a complete check-in solution, we have created a Key Dispenser Kiosk to work with the Hotel pre check-in system.

How does it work? The Hotel’s online check-in system connects directly to the PMS using cloud technology, allowing your guest to write and make changes to the reservation. Once the check-in is complete, our cloud services generate a unique QR code that can be scanned at the hotel key card machine to automatically deliver a room key. 

We support a wide range of payment methods. The guests can pay directly from their device when completing the online pre-check-in process.



This system has a lot of variables because all hotels are different and all have different wishes. Putting a price tag on it will not work because of that. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Yes, but because it is a new system it is currently not possible to do it yourself but we are working very hard on a platform gives you that possibility. In the meantime we are happy to assist you.

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With Enzocare we warranty a dedicated support to keep every kiosk installations and check-in solutions up and running 24/7.

Our care plans include part replacements as well as remote and on site support.   

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