Key Dispenser

Naturally simple

A new way to let your guests into their rooms

“Hotel key card machine where guests scan a QR code to automatically generate their room keys”

Offer your guests a 21st century experience.

Touch-less interaction for guest to retrieve room keys and create extra keys with out any human assistance.

Touch-less interface

“Simple and automatic key dispenser”

Hotel key dispenser features

Dispense room keys

Scan barcodes

Create extra keys

Pre-Check-In web app compatible

Robust and compact design

Elegant steel and aluminum housing the best components available  

Connectivity & Support


The kiosk can hold 150 cards. When level is low, staff is notified.

No this kiosk is designed only dispense room keys. Which means that a Pre-check-in should have been completed before. 

Yes, as an optional feature, the kiosk can check-out guests and take back the key-cards to be reissued

The hardware of the Key Dispenser is specially made for easy installations world-wide. No need to get specially made furniture, just a desk or table top will suffice. Furthermore, a power socket and a working network connection is needed. This network connection is needed for the  system to ‘talk’ to your PMS and door lock system.

No, the complete system is compliant to all recent GDPR rules. No private information from guests is stored in places where it should not be.

Yes, the kiosk will know this and will show the guests’ folio accordingly.

A simply price tag does not work for a systems like this because it depends on too many variables. Our goal is to tailor each offer to get the best integration possible.

Eventually, if integrated correctly, it will save you money.

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Our care plans include part replacements as well as remote and on site support.   

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