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The all in one Hotel Check-In kiosk

“Eliminate long queues at the front desk and increase guest satisfaction”

Create a memorable experience from the start

With the hotel self service kiosk, guests can self check-in within a minute and check-out in 10 seconds.

Simple and clear interface

Hotel kiosk check in | Enzosystems

Hotel kiosk check-in features

Print slips and receipts

Scan official Documents

Accept payments

Encode room keys

Accept walk-in

Scan QR codes

Create extra keys

Hotel Pre-Check-In compatible

Made with the best components

Design in an modular aluminum housing for optimal flexibility, usability and durability.

Connectivity & Support


The self-service hotel check-in kiosk is an all-in-one check-in station capable to process a full check-in process from start to finish. It can print, scan QR codes, scan official documents, encode room keys and handle payments. It is connected to the hotel’s PMS so the guest can modify and add extras to their reservation fast and without the assistance of a hotel staff member.


All the process is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Search for their reservation: by name, email, or by scanning a QR code
  2. Fill in guest information forms required
  3. Select a room and read and accepts the hotel’s restriction
  4. Add extras to the reservation
  5. Payment and/or authorization
  6. Create a room key and print a room slip


To integrate the Hotel kiosk, the Hotel needs to have the following: 

  1. An operational property management system (see the list of supported PMS)
  2. A door lock system 
  3. A payment provider 


To achieve a super-fast check-in solution, we have developed an online hotel check-in service to work with the Hotel kiosk. Read more

CHECK-IN takes 3 minutes 

CHECK-OUT takes 30 seconds

When deciding how much kiosks are needed, you can use the following rule of thumb to calculate the minimum number of kiosks (in the scenario of replacing the front desk for only kiosks)

1 kiosk per ca. 50 rooms, plus one extra (200 room hotel = 200/50 + 1 = 5 kiosks)

The Kiosks should be placed in the lobby to give you the results you may expect. Installing the kiosks in a corner of the lobby simply does not work. The hotel kiosk will change the entire look and feel of the lobby and will transform it into a more organized and less crowded space. 

The right installation of the kiosks required custom-made furniture, due that the kiosks are designed to be fitted into the furniture. But don’t worry, we provide all the necessary information, drawings, and advice on how to make the right piece of furniture. Besides the special furniture, the kiosks are designed to be easily fitted worldwide. Simple clamping systems and mounts make the setup a fast and easy process. 

Yes, the kiosk software connects to the PMS and suggests the best room combinations based on real-time availability. All of these data were then presented to the guests using a simple and effective interface.   

A simply price tag does not work for a systems like this because it depends on too many variables. Our goal is to tailor each offer to get the best integration possible.

Eventually, if integrated correctly, it will save you money.

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