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Outdoor vending machines

The KVA Outdoor machine has been developed for Dutch public
transport in close cooperation with CCV, Dutch market leader in payment solutions.

This weather resistant version is located at train, tram and bus stations. Travellers can easily buy an OV ticket, upload their travel items onto the OV chip card or adjust their e-wallet balance.

Outdoor machines

Let’s talk about options

We support almost any peripheral device in our vending machines.

You can print, scan, read and write to (contactless) chip cards, dispense tokens and cards. Barcodes tickets with 1D or 2D codes, like QR, are also possible. Where needed we add security measures to combat fraud.

Contactless chip cards

Barcode tickets


Payment support

Our self-service terminals support both cash and cashless payments.

Depending on the type of application and the environment in which the kiosk is installed, several payment methods can be offered. In general, cashless systems are less prone to be a target of vandalism and don’t need regular emptying of the cash boxes.

Both debit cards and credit cards are accepted:

In case cash payment is required, coins and bank notes can also be handled.