"We are eastern Europe's first fully technology-driven hotel."

Nikoloz Cherkezishvili – Co-founder & CEO Episode hotels

Why did we choose Enzosystems hotel kiosk for our hotel?

Hotel Kiosks cut back on wait times and improve the guest experience and check-in process at the Episode Hotels. When thinking about creating Episode Hotels, we knew from the beginning that the traditional check-in system was a no-go for us, as our goal was to be the first tech hotel in Georgia.

Episode Hotels check-in desk.

It all started during the pandemic when we were brainstorming about the whole Episode concept and saw the urge for innovation in the hospitality industry. With Enzosystems’ hotel kiosks, we can ease our operations and help employees to be more productive on other duties, on the other hand, guests can check in anytime and anywhere before arrival, ensuring safety and security, but most importantly is that it reduces the check-in time to less than 2 minutes.

We aimed to create a hotel by which its journey would be the main differentiator from its competitors.

“Collaboration with Enzosystems allowed us to balance tech and human touch to deliver a memorable customer experience.”

Episode Hotels guest checking in.

How did Enzosystems assist in implementing the new system?

Setting up a new technology could be challenging. It can potentially create problems for the business if done incorrectly. Enzosystems expertise simplified the whole hotel kiosk implementation cycle, helping along the entire process.  

Episode went through large-scale research to find the right partner. We are happy to have found such an excellent company that could provide self-check-in kiosks for our hotel. Their check-in systems allow our guests to check in independently.

Enzosystems helped us through the whole guest journey automation, encompassing ease of connection between the hotel services such as PMS, door lock systems, and payment.

The fascinating thing is that all these processes were done remotely. There was no need for Enzosystems to come to Tbilisi, Georgia, where the hotel is, to make the kiosk’s software run smoothly. With their innovative techniques, they optimize our check-in and check-out procedures, allowing us to revolutionize eastern Europe’s hospitality industry.

Episode hotels common area.

"We can proudly say that Enzosystems products meet our ongoing needs and expectations."

How do you experience the service that Enzosystems provides?

Our guests appreciate having a different option to cater to their personal needs. Offering a self-service kiosk enhances freedom and offers guests a level of control that gives off a good impression and improves their satisfaction. Overall, the whole journey is well-managed and gives us the opportunity to create a convenient experience where our guests have control to make their unique Episode.

We believe the pandemic has brought on a customer behavior shift that gives us an invaluable opportunity to implement a much-needed transformation in the hospitality industry. We proudly say that we are eastern Europe’s first fully technology-driven hotel.

Episode Hotels check-in desk.

What is your opinion about the price-to-quality ratio of the kiosks?

Kiosks reduce client waiting time and help streamline our check-in and check-out operations, enabling us to serve more customers in a day than we could accommodate traditionally. As this experience is quite comfortable for our clients, it has attracted many repeat customers.

Self-service kiosks and their already-mentioned benefits bring a solid gain to the table. Nonetheless, it requires some significant investments too. With the statistical analysis conducted within Episode hotels, we realize that the cost of purchasing self-service hotel kiosks can quickly pay for itself many times. Our advice to the companies who want to acquire kiosks is as follows. Sit down and run the numbers to ensure that installing a self-service kiosk at your hotel is a sound investment.

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