“Our up-sell revenue is no longer dependent on face-to-face guest interaction"

Ivo Meisen – IT manager LBG Hotels

How our hotels changed after the Hotel kiosk

With the Enzosystems’ self service kiosk taking care of most of the repetitive tasks surrounding guest check-in and check-out, staff has more time to increase guest experience by giving personal attention and providing service. As a result, their job became more fun and challenging.

LBG Kaboom Hotel’s check-in desk.

Using Enzosystem’s hotel check-in kiosks has proven to be a solution for nationwide staff shortage in the hospitality sector.

Our up-sell revenue is no longer dependent on face-to-face guest interaction, as the kiosk will always generate all available options for a guest checking in. It is because of this automation, we have seen an increase in efficiency and up-sell revenue.

“Our staff now is focused on personal guest satisfaction, while Enzosystems takes care of the automation process"

The Green Elephant Hostels reception with the hotel kiosks installed.

Connecting hotel operations with Enzosystems

From the start, Enzosystems has guided us through the transition to an automated check-in and check-out process in every step. We experienced support in technical stuff, to absolutely hotel operational questions such as ‘How to provide hotel guests with basic information if there is no staff member available when a guest checks in.’ From their experience with other hotels, they know how to answer these questions and give advice that outgoes only technical support.

Mabi Hotel’s reception area.

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