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How can we help you?

Our kiosk solutions can make your work a whole lot easier. Think about all the manual transactions that a kiosk can take over. It’s automatic, safe and easy to use. You can find our products in public transport, hotels, shops, events and parking lots. The famous colored kiosks are used by tens of thousands of travellers and tourists across the world each day.

Smooth & secure service.

Imagine a loyal employee that never calls in sick, who’s available 24/7, never complains and is just there to help your customers. A kiosk is the perfect solution if you need smooth and secure customer service. And the best thing of all: You tell us what you need, and together we’ll create the perfect kiosk for you.

Image of Kiosk Parking payment solutions

We believe in solutions.

You don’t want a product in a box, with a manual you don’t understand. You want a solution for your problem or idea, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Enzosystems. We like to keep things simple and efficient. We’ve developed solutions for: RET, GVB, citizenM, Ziggo Dome, BeeSmart, Euphoria, Rabobank, Koga Miyata, Taxitronic, Adidas, Mexx, Nivea, Connexxion, RGV, local governments, hospitals, libraries and many others. Get to know our products >

Robust technology. Built to work anywhere, anytime.

Indoors or outdoor, attended or unattended, made to withstand wind, snow, vandals and beer. We build our kiosks to last. Or ‘hufter proof’ as we say in Dutch. We believe in solid design and usability. Not just on the outside, also on the inside of the kiosk. Here, you won’t find a maze of cables or a complicated way to change printer paper. What you see is what you get: easy on the eyes, easy to use. The kiosk’s enclosure is extremely robust. Not only in look and feel. Also in internal construction and its locking system. Is it 100% vandal proof? We’d like to think so, but one can never rule out the inventiveness or persistence of hooligans. That is why we focus on being solid and robust, within the boundaries of price and quality. And design of course.

Image of lock describing secure kiosk transactions

Be safe. Secure your transactions.

Security and safety are important aspects for unattended kiosks. That applies to both hardware and software. That’s why we build EMV pin pads in our kiosks, in compliance with the International Security Rules for unattended payment devices. Data is exchanged between kiosk and back office systems and between the devices in a secure encrypted way where needed. Data stored on non-secure chip cards or barcodes is encrypted and hashed. Or we use chip cards with encryption on-board.

Designed for humans. You’ll understand.

We don’t want to brag, but we think our kiosks are really good looking machines. And it’s not just their looks, but they are also extremely customer friendly, easy to use and based upon intelligent and ergonomic technology.