Enzosystems & Duve integration

Recently Enzosystems and Duve are joining forces to deliver the best hotel guest experience. Both companies are committed to simplifying the check-in process and creating a memorable guest journey.

Duve is a digital customer experience management platform that allows hotels to offer online check-in, communicate with guests, promote up-sales, create mobile door keys, and analyze guest data.

This collaboration will enable Enzosystem’s kiosks to read Duve’s QR codes and create physical keys directly from the self-check-in kiosk.

Enzosystems’ check-in solutions will work as a bridge between the digital online check-in and physical check-in experience. It will allow Duve users to transform their digital keys into physical ones smoothly and effortlessly. Dealing with all required PMS connections, payments, and door look systems.

“This partnership is a win-win situation for both companies, but most importantly for your hotel guest.”

From now on, if your hotel uses Duve’s solutions to manage the guest experience, you can easily integrate the Enzosystems self-check-in kiosks and ensure that the check-in flow will be memorable for your guests.

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