4 Benefits of using Enzosystems’ self-check-in kiosk in your hotel.

By Erik de Vries - CEO Enzosystems


This article explains the four main reasons why implementing a hotel self-check-in kiosk will change your hotel organization.

The Enzosystems’ check-in hotel kiosk is an all-in-one solution that can handle large numbers of check-in and check-outs fast and easy. It performs all the operations that a hotel front desk can do. Like, filling-in forms, offering up-sells, communicating with PMS, handling payments, encoding room keys, and scanning official documents.

In the last 15 years, we saw the early adopters and pioneer hotel groups implementing our self-check-in solutions successfully by increasing profit and customer satisfaction. Now we see that the hotel kiosk is growing and becoming the standard service guests expect when arriving at any hotel.

“Customer experience is what the guest remembers and makes them return to your hotel. Checking in and checking out is the first and last thing they do”.

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Reason 1 - Eliminate long queues at the reception desk

There is nothing worse than to be waiting in line. It is proven that guest satisfaction drops by 50% only by having to stay in the queue for more than 5 minutes, and unfortunately, this is the first thing the guests do when arriving at a busy hotel.  

There are multiple reasons for this inefficiency at the reception. But the principal is rotted in the administrative procedures needed to be complete before handing in the room key to the guest. We all know that reception staff works hard and under pressure to fill in repetitive forms, scan ID documents, offer up-sells and answer questions for every guest non-stop. This procedure has been the standard hotel check-in experience that we are all used to and that nobody enjoys. Luckily due to modern digital technologies, the hotel check-in kiosk is a tool that allows achieving a complete check-in in 3 min and check-out in 30 seconds.

How is this possible? Well, the first thing the kiosk does differently than a receptionist is allowing the guest to fill in the forms themselves, guided by a user-friendly screen flow. The kiosk integration with the Property Management Systems (PMS) allows pulling information automatically to collect and store data in real-time. 

Installing hotel kiosks in your hotel will transform the reception into a clean and open area, warranting that the long queues will disappear, up-sells will grow, and guest satisfaction will increase. 

Checking in at Eden Hotel Asmterdam.

Reason 2 - Save staff costs and dependency

XO Park West Hotel’s reception.

The ROI (return on investment) of our check-in kiosk system is good because you do not need a complete team of staff members behind your check-in desk 24 hours every day, and the reduction in costs is significant. 

Enzosystems’ hotel kiosks can operate 24/7 – 365 days requiring minimum hardware maintenance. Thanks to these characteristics, installing a hotel kiosk in your hotel will reduce staff costs considerably. However, we still recommend having a staff member assisting guests and acting as a host. During all these years of experience, we know that one person can manage six hotel kiosks. 

The pandemic made it clear how depending on humans caused instability and uncertainty. We saw hotels taking the lead to move toward staff-less and automated hotel services. Implementing our check-in solutions in your hotel will not only solve the staff problem and save you money, but it will take you one step further to an automated hotel experience. Ensuring that your hotel will be operational any time and ready to receive and provide the best service to your guests.

"Guest satisfaction is up, while labor cost is down".

Reason 3 - Provide a personalized guest experience

The only way to achieve a great customer experience is by providing excellent service to your guests each time. All hotel staff should work together towards this goal. To provide the best service and to support your guests each time. By creating a relaxed atmosphere and taking the time to listen and answer questions.  

Luckily the hotel kiosk also contributes to this cause and allows for consistent service every time. Thanks to the friendly and efficient user interface. So, instead of waiting for new guests, your staff can be multi-functional and help guests at the kiosks only when needed. The personal contact between your guests and the staff members increases without a desk in between, allowing a much more natural and friendly guest interaction.

citizenM ambassador assisting a guest

Reason 4 - Increase up-sells and room upgrades

Up-selling is a great way to increase profitability, and a good hotel reception staff should be able to sell room upgrades and extras as much as possible. However, not everyone has the touch to sell extra items to a guest. So, here is another top quality of our hotel check-in kiosks. 

Selling upgrades and extras can be effortlessly done at the kiosk, and it is a warranty that up-sells such as breakfast, parking, rooms, early check-in, and late check-out will increase.

This efficiency is possible due to the kiosks’ friendly user interface that presents the extras at the right time of the check-in process displays attractive photos and descriptions. Many of our clients tell us that since implementing the hotel self service kiosks, they see a considerable increase in up-sells. Furthermore, the hotel kiosks are compatible with our new online hotel check-in service. Allowing your guest to complete the check-in process, modify, and add extras and room upgrades to their reservation on the go. So, when they arrive at the hotel, they can pick up their room key by only scanning a QR code in the kiosk. 

CitizenM Hotel kiosks


The digital transformation of the hotel industry is here. And the benefits of the self-service hotel kiosk to the hotel industry are clear. The hotel kiosk system contributes to a better and more advanced guest experience based on automation, data management, and personalized service. While saving money, ensuring repeatability, and solving staff issues.

The self-service hotel kiosk environment is constantly evolving, becoming more powerful. It is getting closer to becoming the best hotel receptionist of all time. The technologies on which the hotel kiosk is based are opening new possibilities of how to collect and use data that have the power to reinvent the hotel experience as we know it, bringing it to the 21st century.

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4 Benefits of the hotel self-check-in kiosks

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