"Long lines in front of our reception? They haven't been seen for a while!"

Angelina Motzo - Director of Sales XO Hotels

XO Infinity Hotel’s old reception before the check in kiosk

XO Hotels before the self check-in hotel kiosk

Before the self check-in hotel kiosk era, there was often a long queue in front of our hotel reception. Especially on Fridays, it was always a hit. 

Hotel guests started arriving early in the morning to check-in. It was very annoying that this caused guests wanting to check-out to wait too long before they could hand in their room keys. And this situation resulted in hectic scenes, which were annoying for both guests and receptionists. “Here was a problem for which a good solution had to be found.”

How I 'd got convinced

We got in touch with Enzosystems, I was still not convinced that the self check-in hotel kiosk could be the solution for us. For me, it seemed to detract from the ‘hotel experience.’ After all, this includes, in addition to a clean, well-kept room, friendly and service-providing staff.

Together with Enzosystems, we visited a self check-in hotel where the kiosks were already in use. And later in the afternoon, after the visit, I briefly worked at the reception of our hotel, and I was able to immediately experience what the benefits of self service kiosks could be.

Besides the fact that there would be no fewer than four kiosks to ‘man’ the reception, instead of the two receptionists who were there, the kiosk would never do what I did: skip half of my check-in procedure because it was simply too much pressure.

XO Park West Hotel’s old reception before the check -in kiosk

XO Infinity Hotel’s reception with the hotel kiosks installed.

"Together we achieved a friendly flow that makes us happy every day"

Benefits using the self-check-in kiosk

The most significant difference for our receptionists is that they can spend more time with guests who would need attention and information, being able to be face to face with the guest, not separated by a piece of the counter. You are standing next to the guest creating a completely different atmosphere in the reception and enhencing the hotel guest experience.

Furthermore, the up-sell of rooms has increased for room upgrades, early check-ins, and late check-outs. Full check-in sessions take a maximum of 3 minutes. And checking-out is done in 30 seconds. Our staff and our guests are very satisfied.

“And those long lines in front of our reception? They haven’t been seen for a while!”

Excellent partnership

We have worked intensively with Enzosystems and our PMS supplier to achieve an intuitive customer-friendly flow that makes us happy every day.

Enzosystems is never afraid to think along, which is very nice for us when working on a project with several suppliers. They dare to look over their ‘fence’ and their field of activity to solve problems.

XO Park West Hotel’s reception with the hotel kiosks installed.

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