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By Juan Fuente - Product Designer at Enzosystems


In 2022 we launched two new products to complement our family of self-service kiosks: the Key Dispenser Kiosk and the Pre-Check-In web app service.

This article explains the benefits and uniqueness of the two new products launched at the Independent Hotel Show in Amsterdam on March 16-17, 2022.

The combination of these two products allows achieving an express touchless check-in experience in 30 seconds.

These new solutions were born to create a touchless check-in process that is faster, safer, and sanitized. Post-COVID Hotel guest experience has shifted to a completed automated experience where guests fully control their stay. And these two new products work seamlessly to achieve just that.

New products launched in 2022

Benefits of these new products and services:

  • Safe and faster check-in experience done in 30 seconds
  • Automatic room key encoding and dispenser
  • New ways to up-sell extras and to present the brand of your hotel on mobile
  • The hotel guest fully controls the reservation and can manage it at any time

Safe and faster check-in time done in 30 seconds.

What is express hotel check-in experience?

An express check-in experience allows hotel guests to complete all the check-in tasks, such as: filling forms, modifying a reservation, adding extras, and paying for their balance before the check-in arrival date. So, when the guests arrive at the hotel, they only need to scan a QR-code to automatically pick up a ready-to-use room key. This simple check-in flow allows for an express, sanitized, and touchless check-in process that takes only 30 seconds.

Furthermore, the pre-check-in web app provides hotels with a new way to present and push up-sells, and monitor guest activities and preferences.

To achieve a completely touchless check-in experience, it was required to develop an entirely new software service (the Pre-check-in web service) that is complemented by a completely new piece of hardware (the Key Dispenser kiosk).

Benefits of the express check-in

  • Faster check-in time
  • Increase up-sells
  • Eliminate long queues from the front desk
  • Provide a digital experience to your guests
  • Present your hotel brand in a new way
  • Allow guests to get an independent hotel experience
  • Pandemic proof system

How does the hotel Pre-check-in work?

The online check-in service is a web app solution that works on all platforms (mobile, tablet, and desktop). It connects to the PMS using cloud technologies and can add and modify reservations directly to the PMS. It also supports online payments and generates encrypted QR codes to be scanned at the hotel to pick up the room key.

This online check-in solution creates value for our clients and their guests as it simplifies the check-in process and eliminates the need to have staff at a front desk filling-in forms. Instead, the guest completes these forms in their own time, when it suits them best.

The user interface of the online check-in system is user-friendly. It encourages the guest to add extras to their stay. It features a minimum number of pages and steps to complete the process fast, easily, and on the go.

Simple guest journey

  1. When the guest books a room, receives an invitation to pre-check in
  2. Guest completes the online Pre-check-in before the arrival date.
  3. Guest receive a confirmation email with a QR code
  4. When arriving at the Hotel, the guest scans the QR to pick up a ready-to-use room key

How does the Key Dispenser kiosk work?

The Key Dispenser Kiosk is an automated key encoder that presents the door key automatically in seconds by only scanning a QR. It connects to the Property Management System (PMS) to access permissions and assign rooms in real-time. It can read different bar codes and features a touch screen to input the reservation number when a QR code is available.

The Key Dispenser Kiosk can be placed on top of any surface and does not require custom-made furniture for installation.

It has a capacity for 150 key cards and sends notifications when the level of cards is low.

The Key Dispenser supports check-ins and can be configured to support check-outs, becoming a handy and powerful kiosk for any busy hotel.


The COVID pandemic made clear the need for an automated Hotel industry that is flexible, less human-dependent, and sanitized.

The Online Check-in Web App and Key Dispenser Kiosk is a game-changer combination for the hotel check-in process. These new products provide a service for guests looking for an independent hotel experience where they take control of their stay without human assistance.

They also allow hotels to move forward towards a staff-less hotel experience and to present the hotel brand in new ways. While improving the guest experience and optimizing the hotel revenues from up-sales and extras.

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Online and touch less hotel check-in experience

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